Terms and Conditions

Last updated on 09/09/2018


  • ALL requested products (https://storkvn.com/en/request-us/) require you to pay a 50% (of the product’s price) deposit.
  • Cannot do anything that is directly or indirectly breaking the law.
  • Cannot represents the client to handle legal or important paper work.
  • Cannot do anything that exceeds our technical skills.
  • Cannot represents the client to promote their own business or facility.
  • Cannot execute a job before receiving payment.
  • Cannot accept any request that may harm our employees or hazardous in any shape of form.
  • Cannot accept a job that exceeds our regional limits.

Return policy:

All return transactions can be negotiated by contacting us through our business email. We will try our best to go through with your request.

  • Return within 7 days after payment.
  • If product cannot be return to shop; refund 20% or exchange to another product with the same price or $0.22 (5.000 đ) difference.
  • If product can be return to retail shop; refund 90% of price.
  • Charge of shipping fee if recipient don’t accept the product and sender wants the product back.
  • We DO NOT accept returns of imported goods.